Freschfield Innovation Tech Centre

Slough UK

March 19, 2019


Freschfield & SSE announce advanced quantum solar project set for Slough UK. Freschfield’s technologies are now in the transition to commercial development, and represent a global market opportunity of US $4 T in the ZNE Smart Cities space.



March 1, 2019


Freschfield has entered into an exclusive Commercial JV Agreement with SSE to sell its new Advanced Quantum Solar Technology into the UK & Ireland starting in late 2019.


Parkway Corporation

November 27, 2018


Freschfield & Parkway Corporation have agreed to develop Philadelphia Commercial ZNE Parking Garage Microgrid & EV Charging Station named NuHub.

The Philadephia NuHub pilot project is a keystone piece in the Smart City landscape. It will provide a scalable footprint using modular components, allowing easy retrofitting of additional structures. It showcases the elegant and organic nature of the Freschfield brand.


London Stock Exchange Elite

May 9, 2018


London Stock Exchange’s Elite adds Green Tech and Broadband Firms.

Eleven new fast-growing UK companies have joined the London Stock Exchange Elite group, which aims to give firms support when scaling up their businesses. The platform now features 130 businesses from across the UK, firms ranging from healthcare, engineering and technology. Companies are selected based on their ability to scale up their business.



April 19, 2018


Freschfield & CPI – NETPark UK have partnered to create the first Advanced Quantum PV Solar Cell in the United Kingdom.

Freschfield’s solar technology is viewed by the solar PV industry as the nextgen solar solution that represents a market opportunity of US $804 B annually by 2025.


Global Exclusive Licensing

March 7, 2018


Freschfield has agreed to enter into a global exclusive licensing agreement with Rice University for Advanced Quantum Semiconductor Technologies.


Unicorn Valuation

February 28, 2018


Silicon Valley tech company Freschfield joins the ranks of Unicorn Companies with a $1.3 Billion Valuation from Solium, now known as Shareworks By Morgan Stanley


New Patent Application

July 18, 2017


Freschfield files a new Patent Application for its Advanced Quantum Solar Cell Technologies. Freschfield has invented and patented the nextgen smart advanced building skins “ABS” and advanced quantum solar PV “QPV” for sustainable energy and green construction worldwide.

Freschfield’s technological advancements in terms of both ABS / QPV has recently led to the creation of the company’s new Quantum Grid platform that combines advanced quantum and photonic technologies to provide an integrated smart architecture enabling a wide variety of solutions to connect and transact in real time, and to drive innovation around both green energy and ultra fast secure networks.

Morrison & Foerster IP practice was client counsel on the filing of this patent.

Freschfield Innovation Tech Centre

Freschfield Raises $3.1 Million

January 18, 2017


Freschfield raises $3.1 Million Seed II Round to develop Advanced Quantum Solar Cell Technologies. Freschfield aims to revolutionize the PV industry with new applications of advanced solar cells.


Freschfield Raises $4.6 Million

October 10, 2016


Freschfield raises $4.6 Million Seed Round to develop novel, smart, connected building platform called “Quantum Grid”.

Freschfield aims to revolutionize the way buildings are designed and built, by implementing energy demand and response, and ultra-fast communication and information networks.


University of Leeds

April 18, 2016


Freschfield partners with University of Leeds, Civil Engineering Department to create nextgen Advanced Building Skins called “Quantum Grid”.

Freschfield aims to revolutionize the BIPV industry with new applications of advanced building skins. Market potential is estimated at $4 T for commercial building retrofits.