Freschfield Innovation Tech Centre



GridX is an integrated solutions provider that will design, build, own and operate microgrids.

A microgrid is a localized system of distributed energy resources and loads that normally operate connected to the traditional centralized electric grid, but can be ‘islanded’ to operate independently, and can be controlled locally.

Our energy generating systems are coupled together and integrated with battery storage systems critical to the operation of a microgrid and its ability to monitor, control and dispatch generating assets, energy storage resources and loads, as needed to optimize the microgrid’s performance, including but not limited to energy cluster exchanges and value added trading as a green energy export across a distributive ledger using smart contracts.




The Most Powerful Solar Panel In The World

Helios is the prominent game changer in the field of centralized PV grids. This innovative device relies on entirely novel formulations for the active layer and the base electrode layer. The active layer also includes multiple modified CNC-structures which provide higher conductivity.

Hybrid silica-cellulose based matrix ensures the increased mechanical stability of the layer. Helios is made to be easily compatible with the existing PV systems on the market. It’s built to be entirely modular, cutting down on production and installation costs. Helios includes special glass substrate and hybrid type of materials (inorganic and organic carbon-based compounds), which are stable up to 600°C in average.



Doubles The Efficiency Of Conventional Panels

A transparent solar booster designed to fit on top of the existing silicon-based solar panels on the fields, extending their spectrum of absorption, and adding up to 23,3% of additional efficiency on top of the one that the silicon-based panels already have (usually between 15% to 21%), thus effectively doubling the efficiency of the entire system. This way we can elongate the life of existing solar panel fields, further lower their CO2 emissions, and more than double their electricity output in an economic way.

There are some specific situations in which replacing entire silicon-based (first generation) solar fields with new panels may be a financial issue to the owners who have already invested into the old tech, and instead are looking for a cheaper way to extend the life of their existing investments.




Clear 24/7 Power-generating Smart Building Skin

A smart, transparent, energy-producing cladding system built for new buildings and retrofits, which implements a carbon-free technology that converts ultraviolet and infrared light into electricity, while letting the visible light pass freely into the building. Freschfield’s iSkin has extended the harvestable spectrum of light, due to the use of quantum semiconductor technologies. Our lightweight panels use a transparent polycarbonate layer with a high-tensile-strength coating, instead of glass. The iSkin is capable of generating far more electricity, compared to traditional solar panels, even in low light, and can be used on entire building facades, not just roofing applications.



Opaque 24/7 Power-generating Smart Building Skin

Delivering all of the benefits of the iSkin, while also harvesting the sun’s energy from the wavelengths that are within the visible spectrum of light, which ensures the production of a significantly greater amount of electricity during daytime.

iFiber is cheaper to manufacture than iSkin, and has the capacity to be load bearing, which makes it ideal for industrial use and windowless building facades. The unique properties of this panel are achieved by merging the energy-producing skin with the attributes of the bio-fiber which possesses fire prevention values, thereby enabling the iFiber to generate electricity while maintaining a significant structural integrity.