The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected everyday objects & devices, capable of exchanging data between each other. This system can be monitored and controlled remotely via the Internet. Such complicated structure is based on the utilisation of advanced commodity sensors, control systems, machine learning and real-time analytics. The adoption of IoT results in an optimised operational efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and lower operational time frames.

Freschfield is developing IoT service packages for smart home management, transportation services, public spaces, communications security & corporate connectivity.




Operating from one device, such as: smartphone, tablet, smart screen, desktop. Controlling commodities more effectively, and monitoring multiple processes at the same time, such as: doors, lights, thermostats, TVs, curtains, kitchen appliances, domestic robots.


Efficiency & Wellness


An increased connectivity is related to a decreased time for the execution of tedious everyday tasks. In the workspace, personal meetings can be effectively reduced by promptly providing important updates and information. IoT devices can effectively monitor your daily health goals and condition. The collected data is then used to provide suggestions, or report the results to your GP, as well as other medical specialists.


Conservation & Personalization


In terms of smart cities, IoT can allow monitoring of city conditions, such as: traffic, air quality, electric/water usage, and environmental factors. The analysis is expected to assist city planners, as well as residents, to come up with solutions for emerging issues and resource conservation. The accumulation of personal data by all IoT devices, leads to a speedier accommodation of their services to the preferences of a single individual.