Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence demonstrated by machines & devices with a predesignated functionality directed towards the achievement of specific goals. Many of today’s smart devices are capable of mimicking cognitive functions, such as “learning” and “problem solving“, by observing and perceiving their own environment through commodity sensors and highly advanced real-time analytics.


Freschfield’s management platform can control, command and regulate the behavior of all interrelated devices and systems via our programmable control loops. Our monitoring systems & efficiency regulators are programmed and managed by a real-time operating system that delivers the most recent data & analytics. Our integrated performance microcontrollers are implemented throughout the entire network of automatic devices & smart panels.


Freschfield’s AI energy management software has the capacity to help organize and manage our resource tools, and help with the estimation, planning, scheduling, cost control, communication and decision-making, thus providing a very easy-to-use platform which delivers real-time data about the performance, functionality and productivity of each Quantum Grid panel at any given point in time, day & night.