Energy Trading Platform


Energy Trading Platform

Freschfield introduces a new generation of Payment platforms, based on Blockchain technology, which are intended to ease the interactions between the different participants in the Smart City infrastructure. The innovative Green Payment coin and the Green Payment platform are developed for micro-grids, which can be integrated into our  IoT system, allowing automated payments for a number of services: car charging, energy sales to the grid or businesses (data centres, manufacturers, etc.), as well as exchange between different households or constructions, in general.
Blockchains are defined as decentralized, distributed and public digital ledgers, used to record transactions across many computers. Any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. This allows the participants to verify and audit transactions independently and relatively inexpensively.
Freschfield introduces the following platforms as key components of the IoT, which lies in the base of future Smart Cities

Freschfield Smart Building Enterprise Platform


The Smart Building IoT is physically located in the Building, providing local monitoring and processing. The Smart Building Hub connects all the Smart Buildings to a centralized cloud.
The Smart Building Clients provides access for visitors to the Smart Building and their owners.

Freschfield Exchange


Energy Trading Platform for participants to trade green energy, green credits and carbon credits. The Exchange is connected to a Payment gateway, which manages wallets, client deposits and withdrawals.

Freschfield Energy Clearing


The Clearing platform is responsible for delivering the traded Energy to the trading participants. The Clearing platform maintains a Blockchain Ledger of energy transfers.