Parking Garage Microgrid and EV Charging Hub


The Philadelphia NuHub pilot project is a Freschfield collaboration with Parkway Corporation.
It’s a keystone piece in the Smart City landscape, and will provide a scalable footprint using modular components, allowing easy retrofitting of additional structures. It showcases the elegant and organic nature of the Freschfield brand.

Taking a common concrete parking structure and creating a beautiful and functional architectural design solution. This will be accomplished with the roof canopy that will utilize the LED component of iSkin, thus becoming a sparkling jewel for the surrounding structures to see.

The building has 7 floors of parking with the street front of commercial spaces. The average power burn for the building is about 88,000 Kwh annually. The power generated by the roof and sidewalk canopies targets a Net Energy + solution with 125,000 Kwh to power the entire building and commercial spaces, with energy to spare.


The power system will also utilize Freschfield’s hydrogen Fuel Cell technology to bank power, and allow the garage to add EV charging stations, thus providing a solution for the city to meet its GHG reduction goals, and adding a new revenue stream.

The LiFi network and SPIDER modules will enable both smart coin and crypto transactions, and engage our energy trading platform for carbon credits. The project is in design development stage with initial component testing scheduled for Spring 2020.