Freschfield’s LiFi Network is a wireless technology platform that uses light waves rather than radio waves to securely transmit ultra-high-speed data. Traditional WiFi systems are inadequate to handle new incoming 5G enhanced communication spectrums.

LiFi ensures higher transmission speeds, enhanced security in the office/building spaces, better networking across a significantly higher bandwidth, and safer networking in areas susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

Our LiFi Networks are wireless technology platforms that are supported by a global ecosystem of companies driving the adoption of LiFi, the next generation of wireless that is ready for a seamless integration into the 5G core.

Lights illuminating our offices, homes, cars and streets, can be a solution to our growing demand for connectivity.


LiFi lies in the basis of Freschfield’s new generation of smart lighting applications for enhanced data transfer and communication. All people will have access to a reliable wireless technology where every light could connect you to the internet, and provide a secure high-speed wireless connection. LiFi secures a high-speed data transmission by modulating the intensity of the emitted light, subsequently received by a photo-sensitive detector.

The latter transforms the light signal into electric current with predetermined characteristics. Such data transfer occurs via super-fast flickering of the light, and cannot be perceived by the human eye. The process can be employed indoors, outdoors, with the lights dimmed, and is not strictly a line-of-sight technology.


Smart Lighting


Any LED lighting infrastructure can be converted into LiFi communication network. Private or public lighting (such as street lamps) can become a potential LiFi hotspot, enhancing efficiency and control. Each LiFi access point possesses a unique IP address, turning IT and facility infrastructures into powerful small cell networks.

The usage of LiFi significantly enhances the security of the established networks. Light does not travel through walls, hence, LiFi signals are secure in confined spaces. LiFi can achieve approximately 1000 times the data density of WiFi, offering more data per square meter.


Hospitals & Healthcare


LiFi offers an unprecedented opportunity for vast communications between monitoring devices, life-sustaining systems and surgical installations, employing a harmless data carrier.


Enterprise Wireless Solutions


Technologies based on radio frequencies, such as WiFi, are vulnerable to interference from a wide range of devices, such as: cordless phones, microwaves and neighboring WiFi networks.

LiFi provides a better networking experience in the office space, and improves conference streaming and remote desktop performance. Heavily populated offices will be relieved of interference, due to the directionality of the light propagation.


Smart Transport


High-speed, secure, and reliable connections in vehicles, as well as vehicle-to-vehicle wireless coupling.