Burnaby, BC


Residential Retro-fit with FF Tech


The Burnaby Home is a 2 story building with full basement residence of about 4400 sf. It is being built to high standards, abiding by the BC Built Green regulations, and will be an autonomous Net Energy + performing envelope, utilizing and showcasing all Freschfield technologies. These include the use of iFiber exterior facade on the south vertical face of the building, providing the bulk of its energy needs. That energy production will be augmented by a series of iSkin panels gracefully ensconced in the windows, railing and canopy for the home.

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We will run the data and energy management, utilizing our SPIDER and LiFi network, and will manage the energy via our proprietary software system utilizing load leveling battery backup and full cycle hydrogen fuel cell components for both storage and production of electricity.

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The home will also provide a direct link energy swapping resource with EV Charging stations. The combination of these systems will demonstrate a unique ability in the market to create an off grid home, in a smart and beautiful package.

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The energy system will be balanced to provide 24-30 Kwh power seamlessly over the day with a peak load capacity of 7-9 Kwh. The home will be wired to the grid, and can also be used in progressive BC policy for net metering. The project is in framing stage currently with an initial Spring 2020 VIP Construction Open House to be announced.